Have fun. Create an amazing bond with your horse.

Indoor Playtime Tricks with Mary and Stewie

Too cold, hot, windy, rainy or dark to train outside? No problem!

Mary and Stewie from Horse Tricks Club show you how you can make the most of indoor spaces or tight spots for training sessions.

Catch a glimpse of their evening routine and get inspired to have some fun, no matter the weather outside.

Mary says this about horse trick training and Horse Tricks Club…

When you see your horse’s eyes light up when you grab some “toys”. So glad I found the Horse Tricks Club many years ago – what a difference it has made and allowed us to do so much more than I would ever have dreamed of.

Trick training has translated into riding obstacles and agility work, even to the point of competing bridleless.

 When my horse was on stall rest after an injury (who hasn’t been there?) keeping his mind occupied learning new tricks kept us both involved.
The benefits are endless, the horse is enthusiastic and happy.
Best of all I’ve never seen an unkind comment in the group – only cheerful support and encouragement given for all the members and their horses.”