Have fun. Create an amazing bond with your horse.

Help Your Horse To Learn New Tasks Easily

Most horses enjoy learning and working things out (just like us humans). But if a task is too difficult, the horse can become frustrated or confused. To avoid this, make learning easy and enjoyable for your horse by breaking the task down into super-simple steps.

6 Simple Ways To Pair Bond With Your Horse

You’ve seen those horses that are best friends. They are nearly always close to each other and call out if they are parted or nicker when they see each other again. They have what is called a ‘pair-bond’. While your horse will never think of you as another horse, there are ways that you can […]

Playing Catch With Bella

I like to offer my horses different toys to play with and see what they want to do with them. Letting your horse have a say in the play process will really increase your horse’s motivation and enjoyment.

BONDING TIP: Find a Brush Your Horse REALLY Likes

Horses that like each other, groom each other. It is one of the ways they care for each other and maintain their relationships. You can do something similar by finding a brush that your horse really likes and having regular grooming sessions. They only need to be short – just a few minutes every day.

6 Ideas to Cure Horse Boredom

Is your horse bored? Or would you like to try something new to engage your horse and motivate them? Here are some ideas that your horse should really enjoy. 1. Teach Your Horse to Paint It seems that some horses are quite creative. Horses can be taught to pick up a paintbrush and apply paint […]

The Art of Doing Nothing With Horses

Try spending some time ‘doing nothing’ with your horse each week. It will have a positive effect on all aspects of your training and relationship. With our busy schedules, we often have “just enough time” with our horses. Just enough time to quickly brush and get in a quick ride, just enough time to lunge […]

Where would your horse rather be?

It’s hard to admit but a few years ago I realized that most of the horses I had owned would rather be in a large field, eating grass with their horse friends, than being ridden or working with me. Now I understand why. I used to catch my horse, groom him, saddle him, ride him, […]