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Thinking of your horse as behaving badly…

Do you ever think that your horse is so naughty! Why does he have to behave so badly! What a rotten animal! There are all sorts of names we call them that let others know just how awful they can be. Most of the time we say them in jest, we laugh them off as an endearment almost.

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25 Things To Do With Your Horse At Home

Are you and your horse stuck at home and looking for activities you can do together?

There are still lots of things you can do.

Here’s a list of activities that are a bit different, lots of fun and will make your relationship even better!

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Horse Whorls Guide

Looking at whorls is a time-honored method of judging a horse’s temperament.

Long-held as superstition, there is science to back it up. Hair and brain are formed from the same fetal cell layer. Because they form at the same time it makes sense that as a fetus develops the hair growing over the brain and body, can shows signs of what is going on underneath.

The placement of a whorl on the horse’s face will tell us a lot about their personality.

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6 Simple Ways To Bond With Your Horse

You’ve seen those horses that are best friends. They are nearly always close to each other and call out if they are parted or nicker when they see each other again.

They have what is called a ‘pair-bond’.

While your horse will never think of you as another horse, there are ways that you can use this natural instinct to pair-bond to encourage a similar relationship with you.

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Playing Catch With Bella

I like to offer my horses different toys to play with and see what they want to do with them.

Letting your horse have a say in the play process will really increase your horse’s motivation and enjoyment.

I had been originally teaching Bella to fetch, but then she started to pick up the ball and throw it. She really enjoyed doing that so we played around with her throwing the ball to me to catch, rather than continuing with ‘fetch’.


Bonding Ideas

BONDING TIP: Find a Brush Your Horse REALLY Likes


Horses that like each other, groom each other. It is one of the ways they care for each other and maintain their relationships.

You can do something similar by finding a brush that your horse really likes and having regular grooming sessions. They only need to be short – just a few minutes every day.

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